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Midlink Business Park


In an effort to respond to the many challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, Midlink has pulled together a formidable multi-disciplined team to effectively and efficiently resolve the development and operational challenges of readapting this colossal facility and surrounding acreage. The team’s objective is to be able to not only to create a development plan for the existing facility and the surrounding 340 acres, but also be in a position to swell to the every need our tenants will have. This multi-disciplinary team includes world class financial institutions, internationally recognized engineering and architectural firms, leading state and community development agencies, and an award winning product design and development company.

Midlink has worked hard to build a strong pro-business climate with community organizations and local, regional and state government leaders. These organizations and leaders are committed to Kalamazoo and have extensive involvement in programs designed to bring new business to the area. Midlink is fortunate to have private, community, and state-wide support for the project that promotes a “can-do” attitude toward business. The Charter Township of Comstock has been, and continues to be one of our biggest supporters

Midlink also has the advantage of being a State of Michigan designated Renaissance Zone. This designation provides millions of dollars in tax savings by just moving into the Zone—no extensive application processes.

Kalamazoo offers lower operating costs than major cities, affordable housing, short work commutes, parks, beaches, an educated workforce, and an extensive educational system including three colleges and a university. Midlink and its Partners can address the issues that are important to you and your business when looking to relocate or expand your operations. Midlink is an Extraordinary Place with Extraordinary Space--and an Extraordinary Team.




For sales and leasing information, click here. Midlink is a Hackman Capital property